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Adapting to the sedentary workplace is one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today. Sickness absenteeism is currently costing the UK economy an estimated £10 billion per annum and 1 in 3 people are likely to die prematurely through heart attacks, stroke or cancer - all preventable.

Many leading companies are now providing in-house corporate fitness centres for their staff to encourage regular exercise and a healthier lifestyle. Not only do such facilities encourage a greater self-responsibility for health, but they also make a powerful statement that 'we care'.

Encouraging employees to follow a healthier lifestyle is in everyone's interest. Reducing absenteeism through preventing ill health makes good economic and social sense. Many organisations now place a high priority on creating a healthier workplace.

One of the most direct ways of encouraging a healthier workforce is to install your own in-house corporate fitness centre. In a time-starved age, where commuting is the norm, few busy people have the time to go on to a fitness club to get essential exercise. The in-house fitness centre offers such people a major advantage - convenience.

A company that installs an in-house fitness centre is also providing a visible example that 'we care'. This can have a major effect in both attracting (and then keeping) the best staff and this can provide a major competitive advantage.

What makes a good corporate fitness centre?


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