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"I felt I must write to you and place on record my enormous gratitude for the work you have put into our Fitness Room which has become, already in the first few weeks of our Club's life, a resounding success.

Not only was your planning, specification and layout accurate and appropriate, but also the care with which you went about recruiting on our behalf has paid off with tremendous dividends. We have an excellent crew of people who are properly and appropriately qualified and who are working extremely well as a team. The result is a very high degree of member satisfaction with the facility in general."

Jonathan Hawkins, General Manager, The Harbour Club

"I have seen Mr Brown in action both here and in the United States when I served as Director of Program Development for the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports and later on a professional visit to the United Kingdom. I consider him among the finest professional health and fitness leaders I have been privileged to know."

Richard O Keeler, PhD, PCPFS

"It is primarily due to your input that every aspect of our Fitness Centre operation, from initial design and equipping, training of staff and establishment of procedures, to the provision of fitness advice and materials and the creation of long-term fitness programmes for British Gas staff, has been done with the utmost professionalism and to the highest standards."

Russell Gain, BG Services Manager

"Congratulations in helping us achieve such an excellent result for the Securicor Fitness Centre. All too often usage of leisure facilities tails off after an initial burst of interest and it has been extremely gratifying to see how much we have actually increased usage."

Roger Wiggs, CEO, Securicor plc

"It has been my pleasure to be involved with Peter Brown over a number of years, during which he has piloted the development of fitness centres and wellness programmes throughout BG plc.

I would have no hesitation in commending both the quality and professionalism of Peter's contribution to this critical aspect of our employee welfare.

There is no doubt in my mind that any project which he directs will not only be a credit to the company involved but, more importantly, will be fully utilised."

David Preston, Group Director, Safety & Environment, BG plc


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