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We were asked to create a floor-plan for a small Corporate Wellness Centre in our prestigious client's new building. However, the space was very limited. Together with the planning architect we were able to create a floor-plan that included all of the important elements of a successful facility, despite the size restrictions.

This included large showers, a pleasant changing room, towel storage, a wellness programming room and even an emergency first - aid room. All this, as well as a nice exercise area with a good range of equipment and also a Cardiotheatre TV and music system.

Everyone is very pleased with the result and the completed facility is now very successful. Unless you are very experienced in this area this could take you months of planning to achieve the same result. So always plan well ahead and allow sufficient time. If you are going to invest in such a facility, always create a facility that you will be proud of afterwards - and one that will be well - used!




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