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Consultancy Services: We can take full planning responsibility for setting up your facility to ensure that it is a great success.

Legal and Safety: We will guide you through the various legal and safety requirements for running a fitness centre.

Floor Planning: We can create an ideal floor plan for your facility and provide valuable advice and experience. read more...

Equipment Selection: We can guide you through the minefield of equipment selection and ensure you get the best equipment within your budget.

Facility Planning: We will take all the headaches from you and help to plan the facility with you to ensure that it meets industry standards of operation.

Wellness Programming: We will provide a full range of wellness programming and operational materials that are essential for the smooth running of your facility.

Staff Selection & Training: We will select the very best Health/Fitness staff (normally degree-qualified) and then provide ongoing training to ensure that they are fully up to date.

Facility Management: If you have got this far and you like what we do, we can provide ongoing management for your facility to ensure its success.

Why fitness consultants are needed


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