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It is time to move from just the 'physical' to a broader lifestyle approach that embraces mind, body and the whole person.

We need to help people to become re-connected with their bodies and to understand the connections between the various aspects of following a healthier lifestyle. People cannot make lifestyle changes on their own and need knowledgeable and helpful stuff to help them to make such changes.

Wellness means helping people to start regular exercise, follow healthier eating (and drinking!), understand weight control principles, stress management strategies, work-home balance, relaxation strategies and how to enjoy a quality lifestyle.

Health/Fitness staff need to provide not just information, but a genuine feeling that 'we care', together with one-to-one wellness coaching that will help to create a greater awareness of the importance of these factors upon personal heath and well-being.

'Wellness' is the opposite of illness. It involves choosing to follow a healthier lifestyle and taking a greater responsibility for one's own health. It is a process of making healthy choices and gradually gaining control over your lifestyle habits. It moves you along the wellness continuum towards greater self-confidence and peak health and fitness.



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